A Message from our President

A message from our President

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in the Horological Association of Virginia (HAV). We are proudly one of the largest and most active Affiliate Chapters of the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute. Our membership is comprised of a diverse collection of professional watchmakers and clockmakers, machinists, collectors and enthusiasts who all share a passion for the preservation and advancement of the art and science in the Horological craft.

The primary focus of the HAV is education, knowledge and fellowship, which revolve around statewide functions as well as local Guilds within the HAV.

Our statewide functions include the HAV’s Annual Convention, which is typically held in May, and calls a gathering of horologists not just from Virginia, but also from across the country for a weekend of fellowship and education. The convention offers hands-on classes and workshops, as well as lectures and technical sessions for the both watchmakers and clockmakers, presented by nationally recognized instructors. The annual convention is an event not to miss.

Our Fall Seminar consists of a one-day learning event featuring lectures and presentations of various topics pertaining to watchmakers, clockmakers, and enthusiasts.

The HAV’s three local Guilds consist of the following, and meet as specified.

-The Southside Guild. Hosting its meetings on the third Monday of odd months at the Liberty Train Station Restaurant, Bedford Virginia (Please contact Clarence Hardy, 1clockdoc@gmail.com for details)

-The George McNeil’s Potomac Guild. Hosting their meetings on the first Tuesday of each month. (Please contact Barry Boling, bbwatch@verizon.net for details)

-The Tri-City Guild. Hosting their meetings on the third Tuesday of each month at the Shoney’s Restaurant on West Broad Street, just past Parham Road. (Please Contact Arnold Lowenstein, alldnl@aol.com for details)

To the current membership of the HAV, I thank you for your continued support. If you are considering an HAV membership, please take some time to read through our website where you’ll find archived issues of our quarterly newsletter “Loupes & Tweezers”, as well as other historical and important information about our great organization. We welcome your participation.


John C. Polk

President, HAV


The HOROLOGICAL ASSOCIATION OF VIRGINIA (HAV) was formed in October 1939 for the purpose of promoting cooperation among the horologists (watchmakers) throughout the state of Virginia and surrounding locales. In the ensuing years, HAV's spectrum has broadened to include not only the watchmaker, but also the clockmaker, bench jeweler, retail jeweler, and others included in this micro-precision industry. The scope of HAV has also expanded with the purpose of offering education to its members in the latest techniques, up to date technology, and the prompting of fair trade practices.

Membership in HAV is a real advantage in this modern day of rapidly changing technologies. Frequently the bench person is left behind because of the lack of direct affiliation with the retail market. HAV attempts to bridge that gap through one of its most valuable assets, the Local Guild. Currently there are four guilds throughout the state of Virginia. This smaller group of your fellow trades people, meet on a regular basis, to help breakdown the complexity, and open the door to a better understanding if this industry. Backed by the direct and complete affiliation of the HAV, your local guild becomes a hotline to the answers you need NOW!

The following is a brief summary of the many` things HAV is actively doing for each of its members:

• Technical Library = "For exclusive use of member guilds to include technical bulletins, slide narration programs, and audio and video programs.

• Speakers Bureau - A program by which member guilds may obtain speakers from throughout the U.S.

• Technical Seminars - Held once a year, in the fall, for members to receive hands-on training in a variety of specialties from well-known-experts in their field.

• Annual Convention - Held once a year in the spring, for members to attend training and informational seminars conducted by experts with up to the minute procedures and ideas. A good opportunity for all members to enjoy some entertainment and to meet and network with other members from throughout the state.

• Loupes and Tweezers - The official HAV newsletter, published every three months to keep members abreast of pertinent activities in and around Virginia, and provide bench tips and other information.

• Magazine Subscriptions - Members can order, at reduced prices, subscriptions to a group of trade magazines, offered throughout the industry.

• Membership Certificate and Lapel Pin - For all new members announcing proud participation in HAV.

• National Publicity - With the affiliation of a leading association in the country, the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute.

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