Scope of the Class

The purpose of our course is to provide students with the knowledge of clock functions, principles, and control of various types of escapements and striking mechanisms. The class includes instruction on disassembly, cleaning, oiling, reassembling components, replacing parts, making simple repairs and time regulating. This course is designed for hands-on participation by the students working on their own clocks. It will be oriented toward the typical American 8-day, spring or weight driven mantle/wall clock with or without strike.

Scope of the course - Beginning or basic course in clock repair. - Pendulum clocks only. (American preferred) - Start with most basic (kitchen or mantle) No Westminster or three chime movements No three train clocks (if clock has three winding arbors – it has three trains. No floating balances or hairspring escapements (Beyond the scope of the beginner) No Cuckoo or 400 Day/Anniversary Clocks - Minimum of theory – only an initial lecture lasting one or two evenings. - “Hands-on” approach - Limited lathe work. Extensive lathe work if required will have to be sent to a specialist - Student should be able to finish at least one clock. - Work at your own pace.